The series meets every last Tuesday of the month from May through November and features the most popular films from past Film Festivals. The event opens with a networking reception followed by the film presentation and concludes with a discussion. Each presentation highlights a specific country and takes place at Instituto Cervantes.


All the information regarding The Reel Film Club on October 31st below

Guten Tag, Ramón/Buen día, Ramón

Date: Tuesday, August 27th, at 6pm

Place: Instituto Cervantes (31 West Ohio Street)

Parking: Adjacent to Instituto Cervantes $12 with validation

Directed by Jorge Ramirez Suarez  | Mexico | Germany | 2013
Drama| Spanish & German w/ English Subtitles | 120 min

Ramón, a young farmworker from Northern Mexico, has failed to cross the border five times. He refuses to work for the drug traffickers who provide his hometown’s only source of employment and travels to Germany in search of a friend’s aunt who will supposedly offer him a job. He arrives with no money, no papers, no knowledge of the language and no friend’s aunt in sight. He barely survives on the streets until he meets Ruth, a lonely retiree, who offers him help, even though they can only communicate through drawings and hand signs. They do have one language in common: the universal language of friendship.

Ramón, un joven de una ranchería del norte del país, harto de cruzar la frontera de Estados Unidos y ser siempre detenido, decide buscar a la tía de un amigo en Alemania. Pero al llegar no encuentra a la tía. Sin dinero, sin papeles y sin hablar otro idioma más que el suyo, sobrevive en las calles hasta que conoce a Ruth, una solitaria enfermera jubilada, quien le ofrece apoyo. Utilizando el lenguaje universal de la solidaridad, ambos se ayudan mutuamente.

General Admission $20 or 2 for $30

ILCC Members $15


General Admission $20 or 2 for $30

ILCC Members $15