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Free Concert
La Tuna de Oro de Guanajuato
November 21, 2022
Founded in 1965, Tuna de Oro has carried the message of Guanajuato’s young people through music. This independent group has counted with the participation of musicians such as Enrique and Emilio Diemecke, the Aguascalientes brothers, Jesús González Trujillo and Carlos...
One Night Only!
November 23, 2022
Founded in 2003, Harmonia del Parnàs performs works prior to the 19th Century with historically documented instruments and criteria, respecting the aesthetic and theoretical particularities of each place and specific period. Its repertoire, chosen from the musicological research of musical...
November 29, 2022
Víctor has lived by himself, tending to his cows, in the mountains of Costa Rica for decades. He believes his neighbors have ordered their one indigenous employee to spy on him and that they have stolen his favorite cow. His...
December 7, 2022
Pure heart and soul. That’s how you can best describe Hobo Cane. Born as Javier Alberto Mendoza in the state of Virginia to a Spanish mother and Mexican/American father, Javier’s love for music burned bright from a young age. He...