Flamenco Festival: Rafael Riqueni

Rafael Riqueni at the Instituto Cervantes of Chicago

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Coming directly from Spain, we are thrilled to present the flamenco guitar player and composer Rafael Riqueni. This concert will be a solo flamenco guitar.

Rafael Riqueni is a Spanish flamenco guitar player and composer. He is considered one of the biggest names in flamenco guitar history. One of Riqueni´s main characteristics is his capacity as a solo concert player, without the need of a backing group. This performance consists of solo flamenco guitar and musical arrangements. Rafael Riqueni’s music takes flamenco as a basis, plus classical music influences among other contemporary styles, highlighting the power and grace of Flamenco. At age fourteen, he won the two main national awards for flamenco guitar in Spain. As an adult, he has won the most prestigious flamenco music awards in Spain, including “XXXI Compas del Cante”, an award referred to by the Spanish media as the “Flamenco Nobel prize”.

On his 2017 album Parque de María Luisa, considered a masterpiece among critics, Rafael Riqueni treaded ancient paths of solo flamenco guitar. He continues the journey on his most recent album, 2020’s Herencia, which showcases the influence earlier maestros have had on Riqueni’s music. Herencia was nominated for the 2021 Latin Grammy Award for best flamenco album. 

The Chicago Flamenco Festival - Rafael Riqueni in Concert at the Instituto Cervantes. An event co-presented by the International Latino Cultural Center.
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Rafael Riqueni
Chicago Flamenco Festival 2023

Renowned flamenco guitarist Rafael Riqueni presents his latest album Herencia Herencia was nominated for the 2021 Latin Grammy Award for best flamenco album.

Wednesday, March 15, 7 – 8:15 pm
Instituto Cervantes of Chicago

Price: $35 general public. $30 members of the Instituto Cervantes of Chicago

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