Choro Das 3 In Concert!

Choro Das 3 in Concert at the Instituto Cervantes Chicago on Friday, Nov. 3, 2023

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Choro das 3 are three sisters from Sao Paulo, Brazil who are highly regarded as some of the best choro musicians in the world.  (Choro is an enormously appealing musical style that originated in Brazil over 100 years ago and is now popular internationally.)  In Brazil, Choro das 3 has been featured on national television, played for the president, and played for huge audiences at national festivals.  The band toured the US annually from 2013 – 2019, playing concert venues, festivals and universities from coast to coast.  They’ve also toured internationally and have released 11 CD’s.  

Of the three sisters in the band, (family name Meyer), Corina plays flute and piccolo, Lia plays acoustic 7 string guitar, and Elisa, who writes many of their tunes, plays mandolin, clarinet, banjo, piano and accordion.  From the time of the band’s founding, their father, Eduardo, played percussion.  Tragically, he died from Covid early in the pandemic.  This is the band’s first US tour since the pandemic.  

Choro Das 3 will perform at the Instituto Cervantes in Chicago on Nov. 3rd, 2023. Tickets Available at
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One Night Only!
Choro Das 3 in Concert at the Instituto Cervantes of Chicago

This is single night engagement at the Instituto Cervantes, located on 31 W. Ohio Street in downtown Chicago. This venue offers validated $10.00 parking in the garage directly across the street (vehicle access). Pay-station and pedestrian entrance is located at 33. W Ontario street, one block over. Instituto Cervantes is located on a second floor and has an ADA compliant elevator. Students, Seniors and Members of the ILCC receive discounted ticket rates. Visit to learn more.

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