Gustavo Cortiñas: Desafío Candente

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The ILCC in Collaboration with the Old Town School of Folk Music presents Desafío Candente by Gustavo Cortiñas.

Born and raised in Mexico, the son of a Uruguayan university professor and a Mexican elementary school teacher, Cortiñas grew up surrounded by books of all kinds, ranging from religion and philosophy to history, economics, and art. Music was just as diverse: be it through the voice of Chavela Vargas, Wagner’s operas, the revolutionary cry of Rock en Español, or the soothing songs of Edith Piaf, music of all kinds was always there. At age 10, he fell in love with the drums and was soon seduced by the syncopated and improvised beat of Jazz. This love inspired a journey far from home. First traveled to New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, and later Chicago, the place he now calls home. This journey set the foundation for his work: Latin American folklore, classical music, and jazz; philosophy, religion, and the Latin American cry for justice. These experiences and streams of inspiration forge the unique voice of an expansive artist who will continue to defy categorization for many years to come.

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