Making their Chicago debut as part of the Levitt VIBE Belmont Cragin Music Series, Los Tangueros del Oeste were formed in 2019 by Argentine singer/lyricist Manuel Berterreix and California bassist/composer Sascha Jacobsen after they met by chance at the “Café Buenos Aires” in Berkeley, California.
Sidi Wacho - performing in the Levitt VIBE Belmont Cragin Music Series on August 10th, 2024
Sidi Wacho is a cultural and musical melting pot formed in 2014 with members from France, Chile, and Algeria. The name Sidi Wacho itself announces the cultural mix of the group with sidi being the Arabic equivalent of “Mr.,” and wacho, slang for a street kid in Chile. The band was created out of the desire to fight against inequality, racism, and capitalism behind an infectious hip-hop, electro-cumbia, Balkan groove.
Sara Curruchich will perform at the Levitt VIBE Belmont Cragin Music Series on August 3rd, 2024 - 2pm to 4pm at Riis Park.
Sara Curruchich was born in 1993 in San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango, in a Mayan Kaqchikel community, in the central highlands of Guatemala. Her music is born from her people’s collective and individual feelings, history, memory, culture, languages and struggles, as well as her own, personal stance as an artist.