Home Sweet Home!

It’s moving day at the International Latino Cultural Center!

After renting out space out of the Instituto Cervantes Chicago for the last year or so, today we moved into what we expect to be our forever home. It’s a great space, located a couple of blocks from the Harold Washington Public Library and in the heart of Printers Row. In fact, the annual Printers Row Lit Fest is held right outside our offices every fall (there goes our bank account!).

We are truly excited about this move and about the many plans we have for next year.

  1. Edward González

    Congrats on the move. Great Place. B.T.W. will you be showing Los Reyes de La Salsa Movie the story of Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz?

    1. Alejandro Riera

      Too early to tell. We start soliciting movies for consideration for next year’s Festival in September but it’s definitely on our radar.

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