Let Your Art Be the Face of the 39th Chicago Latino Film Festival

Poster Art • Call For Submissions for the 39th CLFF

The International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago, producers of the Chicago Latino Film Festival, invites artists from all over the world, but especially from Latin America, Spain, Portugal and the Latino communities in the United States, to participate in the annual Chicago Latino Film Festival Poster Contest. The 39th Chicago Latino Film Festival will take place April 13-23, 2023.

The Chicago Latino Film Festival celebrates the richness and ingenuity of filmmakers from across the Latino diaspora (including Spain and Portugal). As such the image should be representative of how moving images are produced these days (digitally or on mobile) and how they are consumed (big, small and medium-sized screens, on the theater or at home, a blanket on a wall, on a public plaza somewhere in Latin America or Spain). It should celebrate the efforts and sacrifices made by these filmmakers to tell their stories. Some of our best posters have focused on the impact cinema has and still has a social tool, as well. Entries that allude to other aspects of the culture (dance, theater, etc.) or include such stereotypical illustrations as sombreros, tacos, cactuses, bullfights, etc. will not be considered. We encourage you to be imaginative and curious and even watch a couple of Iberoamerican films as you come up with ideas.

For guidelines, visit the Chicago Latino Film Festival’s website.

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